Why Would You Want to Attend Shamanism workshop if You Don’t Want to be a Shaman? 


This is a particularly important question for me, since the great majority of those who take my shamanic workshops do NOT in fact plan on becoming practicing shamans. I’ve asked many the question over the past couple decades, and the best answer I can compile from all those answers is that the shamanic lifestyle and spiritual practice is one that fills in necessary gaps in the human experience for many living in our current Western culture. 

For many, this simply means connecting to a world that is larger than their own individual experience. As I have mentioned more than a few times before, we humans have been around on Earth for 70,000 to 80,000 years, and during 99% of that time, we were born again and again into cultures which expressed the spiritual reality of the inner world in the customs, ceremonies, rites and rituals of the outer world. In this way, there was a sense of congruence between the inner and the outer experience. This led to a relative sense of ease. It is essentially the same as when you feel yourself to be congruent with how you are presenting yourself to others. That feeling of “I am what you see” can be very comforting and empowering. 

Over the past several generations, and every increasingly so, this sense of congruence has been eroded away by the advent of technology, industry and all the myriad aspects of the modern and post-modern world that literally take attention away from the inner experience by causing us to focus solely on the outer. This can be addressed initially by just coming into contact with that inner world, as we do in the first workshop – Opening Inner Doorways – where we encounter the World Tree and each other and so much more! It is this re-introduction to something that our soul remembers, in a preconscious way, that I believe so entices many of us toward things shamanic. The inner self says, “Yes! I know this! It is True!” And our outer self – our thinking mind or ego – must acknowledge that there is “something” that it/we feel drawn to. 

For many, this re-introduction is enough. It validates as much as is necessary, and so fulfills the need. These people rarely continue beyond the first few workshops. They have what they need and feel no compulsion to continue. But a great many still feel drawn deeper, toward a Mystery that they intuit awaits them, and is accessible in some way through this new set of tools and technology. 

For those who continue, the path begins to separate and head in many different directions. For some, it becomes a process of self-healing; addressing trauma and old wounds in a way that is self-empowering and renewing. For others, it is a means of awakening the outer self to the richness and depth of the inner. 

As we go deeper, and I include myself in this, because I am very much still on this journey myself, we discover more and more of the Mystery of the Human Experience. We explore the depth of the soul, and find that there are ever deeper places awaiting us. This is one of the best parts of this process – that it is indeed “bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.” Perhaps Dr Who is a shaman? But fedoras are definitely “cool!”

 © Kenn Day 2017