Slow but Sure

For most of my adult life, I have been driven by what I saw as important, profound and meaningful goals; the sharing of spiritual teachings, building spiritual community, connecting with the Divine, becoming an internationally respected shaman…. 

When I met my wife, I made it very clear to her that my career came first, because it was “important”, and that my relationship with her came only after the requirements of my career were met. She would not have put up with this, if she didn’t believe that at some point I would come to my senses. Fortunately, after some difficult years, I did. 

I gradually came to realize that what was/is truly important is right in front of me. My wife and daughter, our family, our friends. It’s not that my work is not important at all, but that its importance is really that it leads me and others to this awareness of what is more relevant. 

Now I realize that what all the teachings and practices really lead to is the capacity for us to lead meaningful, fulfilling and ordinary lives as human beings. This means having children, working, playing, loving, laughing, crying, growing old, and eventually dying. When we have all of this, we have the answer to the question of “what is the meaning of life?” The answer is very clear. We live it every day. 


Taking a walk with Meghan in Kenmare, Ireland. 

We may think that our ancestors didn’t realize this, but perhaps they did. Or better yet, perhaps it didn’t occur to them that there was a question. 

 © Kenn Day 2017