Kenn Day is a professional Post-Tribal Shaman, with over 30 years of experience, offering healing sessions in person and remotely, as well as in-depth training in the Post-Tribal Shamanic teachings. To book a session, contact Kenn directly. 


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New (old) article now available! Kenn will be gradually re-releasing a series of his old articles this year, while working on a possible audiobook version of Dance of Stones. Anyone interested? You can read Kenn’s articles here. 

In the teachings of Post-Tribal Shamanism, I found a practical approach to exploration into the nature of the soul. The workshops are a safe environment designed for personal revolution and growth. What I've taken away from the teachings thus far are techniques for an improved understanding of the self, cosmology of shamanic realms, effective ways to interact with Spirit, advanced techniques of doing healing work with self and others that transcend the limitations of traditional medicine (while remaining rather complimentary), a greater understanding to the importance of community, and a sense self worth on a very deep level I hadn't previously thought reasonable. I would recommend this work to anyone interested in in personal growth, healing, and awakening. 

                                                                                 –Valerie B. • Detroit

More news: Kenn's latest book – Post-Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways, is now available from Moon Books. They shipped in anticipation of the January 31 release date. You can order your copy now!  

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